Emad's Bucket List 🌍

Hello, dear readers!

AI Whiteboard 💡 is and will always be free. I believe in sharing knowledge freely and openly. But if you've found value in my posts and want to give back, I invite you to take a look at my Bucket List below. This list is a collection of dreams, goals, and aspirations that I have. If you have any insights, connections, or resources that could help me accomplish these items, I'd be immensely grateful.

Let's embark on this journey together!


  • Build something amazing that outlasts me with a small team I love working with

  • Become one of top leaders in the AI space

  • Write a professional book

  • Give a TED Talk

  • Get interviewed by Lex Friedman

  • Become a thought leader in Tech/Business space (1M followers on Twitter)

  • Become a board member of a public company

  • Work for a Top Tier Tech company

  • Work at a aerospace company and build real things

  • Start own ventured backed business (raise $1M+)

Travel & Adventures

  • Climb Yosemite with my kids

  • Hike the JMT

  • Hike Mt. Kilimanjaro

  • Go to the base camp of K2

  • Visit the great barrier reef

  • Take sailing trip on a catamaran

  • Attend an F1 race in person and meet some of the drivers

  • Fly to Space

  • Watch a big rocket launch

  • Snowboard in Colorado

  • Do a family whitewater rafting trip in the Colorado river

  • Visit the Great Wall of China

  • See the Northern Lights in Iceland

  • Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

  • Go on a safari in Africa

  • Rim to Rim Hike the Grand Canyon

  • Sail in the Mediterranean

  • Go running in Bangkok

  • Visit Petra in Jordan and swim in the dead sea

  • Hang gliding in Rio

  • Swim with a whale

  • Watch the Space Shuttle Launch

  • Watch the Concord take off and land

  • Watch the Blue Angels

  • Fly in a helicopter over Hawaii

  • Go Bungee Jumping

  • Go Sky Diving

  • Cliff jumping

  • Hike Mt. Washington

  • Hike to the bottom of Grand Canyon and back

  • Watch a solar eclipse

Physical Health

  • Play beach volleyball at least once a week and get my B rating

  • Learn cruise sailing

  • Attend a yoga retreat

  • Attend a surfing retreat

  • Achieve and maintain ideal weight for 1+ year

  • Stay alive and healthy to hike with my grandkids

  • Run a marathon.

  • Habit of Crossfit 4+ times a week

  • Win a beach volleyball tournament


  • Buy my wife’s dream house

  • Buy my parents a comfortable home

  • Save enough money for kids' education

  • Upgrade our beach house

  • Own a beach house


  • Write a best selling book

  • Do one comedy set in front of an audience

  • Sell one of my art photos

  • Start a blog or newsletter

  • Take a photography class


  • Achieve financial independence by 50

  • Save a certain amount of money

  • Become an angel investors in a unicorn startup


  • One jigsaw puzzle a month

  • Live outside of the US for two years

  • Listen to at least 1 book a month

  • Get a Masters degree in Engineering

  • Get a Masters degree in Business

  • One coding project a year no matter what

Mental Health

  • Practice mindfulness or meditation at least twice a day

  • One hike per month

  • Practice gratitude daily

  • Attend therapy or counseling at least once a year

  • Take family for hajj trip


  • One date night with Zarish every two weeks

  • One Zarish and I trip every year

  • Upgrade Zarish’s wedding ring

  • Strengthen my relationship with my sister

  • Build a strong network of friends

  • Reconnect with two old friends every year

  • Plan a parents and sister family reunion once a year

  • Spend one retreat a year with close friends

  • Build deep relationships with my forum-mates

  • Throw a life celebration party on a boat for friends and family

  • Find my soulmate

  • Get married

  • Start a family


  • Mentor one new startup a year

  • Generate income for 1000+ people

  • Teach a university course on entrepreneurship

  • Take my mother to Spain

  • Donate blood once a year (lasted donated: 2019)

  • Start a charity or non-profit in my late brother’s name