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Keeping up with Generative AI for Business Leaders

for Business Leaders striving to master the generative AI space! Uncover my daily & weekly strategy for staying ahead. Plus, check out my curated Twitter list for a robust AI resource

In today's corporate environment, a deep understanding of the continually evolving generative AI landscape is not merely a competitive advantage—it's an absolute necessity. The acceleration of advancements and applications in the field of AI has become one of the most potent influencers in the business world.

To help business leaders thrive amidst this dynamism, I am sharing the methodical approach I have curated to maintain an up-to-the-minute understanding of the field.

A weekly habit I suggest incorporating into your schedule involves engaging with industry-specific podcasts. Two standouts in this regard are the 'All in Podcast' and Lex Friedman's series. Friedman, an esteemed AI researcher, regularly engages in enriching dialogue with prominent individuals within the AI domain, which can provide you with a broader perspective on the prevailing AI trends.

Daily practices can include perusing the AI section of TechMeme and engaging with articles on Hacker News—both platforms offering a holistic view of the day's most crucial narratives across the tech sphere. Additionally, the r/ChatGPT subreddit on Reddit is a forum specifically tailored for AI enthusiasts and provides community-based insights and discussions.

For a continuous stream of intel—what I refer to as the 'firehose' approach—Twitter can serve as an indispensable tool. I have assembled a list comprising esteemed AI leaders who persistently provide the most up-to-date information, intriguing viewpoints, and significant breakthroughs. You can access this resourceful list here:

Moreover, Hacker News deserves special mention for its unique blend of content. This platform merges user-contributed articles with the freshest publications on topics ranging from computer science to entrepreneurship.

In summary, to remain current in this realm extends beyond mere familiarity with the technology. The ability to translate AI trends into actionable business insights is what will propel your organization forward.

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